edmund wayne on the Paddleton Soundtrack!

“I want to be the lighthouse”. I wrote this song sometime in late 2013 on the day that my ex girlfriend started her cross country drive with all of her belongings back to New York where she was from. We had been broken up for a few months at this point and I had been wallowing in my sorrows, a three month self pity party. I wrote this song for self help. I needed to pull myself out of the hole I dug and move on with my life. That was the thought and the meaning behind the song. Work towards being of help to someone in need or be someone others look up to. I literally wrote the song in 5 minutes. I cried as I wrote it, I knew it would be difficult to change my mind about moving forward. Over the next year it became a part of a collection of songs recorded in 2013 and 2014, an album called “can’t remember when”. “I want to be the lighthouse” was originally started in Moscow, ID with Liam O’Connor on drums and John Nuhn @johnnuhn on upright bass. It was a magical session in that noisy old house. I think you can hear an 18 wheeler drive by at some point if ya listen real careful. We later added pedal steel from Jay Kardong @theuglycowboy and lead guitar from Simon Kornelis   @boomradwashington back at our bear shit studios in Mt. Clearview (w/ head honcho of bear shit @spencer57189 )I always thought that Simon was playing the guitar to the imagery of the lyrics, it’s beautiful guitar work. To top the song off, my all time favorite human to sing with, Ms. Caitlin Dooley (Bentley) @snipsnipspaysang the chorus with me. As I move forward with creating more music, I tend to practically forget these moments. The movie “Paddleton” is released on Netflix today and this song just so happens to be a part of the film. I don’t know which part but I look forward to seeing the film. Thanks for including me in your film and good luck with your release. Thanks to the moon recording co/noise racket for believing in my music. So check this movie out, it looks great! I just need to get that new password from that friend of a friend so I can watch this sucker tonight

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